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Note from my stutter; A Poem

Have you ever wondered what your stutter would say to you if it could talk?  This poem is exactly that. This poem describes the times that my stutter had power over me. This poem also describes how my stutter has lost its power over me. I remember when my stutter held such power of me; I used to lie awake thinking about the next day and worrying about when my stutter would raise its head.  I pity for that version of myself and that relationship I had with my stutter.  Nowadays, I am the one in power and even though my stutter stills tends to surprise me, I am the one who holds the power.  Photo by Lukas Note from my stutter  There you go, about your daily routine, many thoughts running through your head, none of them about me, not yet anyway.  I watch you closely, listening into your conversations, choosing the perfect time, to interrupt the flow of your speech. Me and you have always been together, walking hand in hand, sometimes you taking the lead, sometimes its me. You used to be s

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